Why is it taking so long to receive my furniture?

Globally, unprecedented delays are affecting a wide range of products. Fine furniture has been particularly impacted by these challenges. We are maintaining our high standards for luxury furniture and endeavor to provide the same quality products at a stable price for our customers. Read below about the reasons behind the shipping delays:

supply chain

In the furniture world, erratic supply chain and lack of supplies has wreaked havoc on what was historically a fairly productive and streamlined process. What used to be available in six to eight weeks in now possibly produced in five to six months. This translated to increased wait times and of course higher prices. As you may have noticed with gas prices, grocery prices, and lumber costs—furniture prices have skyrocketed. We don't expect them to come down. So we continue to preach that buying quality, and buying once is more important now than ever.  

labor shortage

The reasons for lengthy production times are fairly basic. There continues to be a labor shortage. Fine furniture requires skilled craftsman who spent years or even decades perfecting their practice. Many furniture manufacturers are located in Carolina, where there is a shortage of skilled artisans able to craft high-end furnishings. With higher demand than ever before factories are simply not being able to carefully produce product.


With the global shortage of shipment containers and as shipments reroute to smaller ports not built for the level of traffic, delays in shipping are expected to continue for some time. While we primarily source products MADE IN AMERICA, some components do come from overseas. The lack of containers and lack of ability to dock and unload ships has further exasperated the production of furniture. The added and wildly inflated costs associated with shipping has more that doubled most convenient parts. Prices and wait times for shipments have reached unprecedented levels.


Due to supply cutbacks early in the pandemic, and recent booms in demand from home-remodeling projects, lumber is facing a server shortage. Fine furniture uses very specific lumber to ensure lifetime durability and beauty. This kiln-dried hardwood and furniture-grade plywood has become increasingly hard to come by in recent years, and the boom in both construction and furniture this year has left our manufacturers competing for the limited available supply. 


Many of the worlds greatest textile producers have been shut down for months battling COVID-19 outbreaks. While companies do keep a back stock of many fabrics, some options may not be available until production resumes. To avoid delay, our designers can help you choose fabrics from our wide selection that are currently available.

A Message from the Owner

"In my 40 years of business, I have never experienced challenges this pervasive. I endeavor to have the latest information on delivery times, but this is a time full of unknowns.

Asking my manufacturers when furniture will be ready to ship is to ask them when their artisans will recover from illness and when ports will be open- questions that no one has the answer to.


Expect some delay on all products that require ordering. Our displayed merchandise however, is ready for speedy delivery. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Poppleton's is committed to offering the very best service possible. We will continue to offer uncompromising quality that will be well worth the wait. 

We appreciate your support."

Mike Poppleton

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