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Why is it taking so long to receive my furniture?

Globally, unprecedented delays are affecting a wide range of products. Fine furniture has been particularly impacted by these challenges. We are maintaining our high standards for luxury furniture and endeavor to provide the same quality products at a stable price for our customers. Read below about the reasons behind the shipping delays:

supply chain

The supply chain is still as unpredictable as it was last year. Our manufacturers are constantly in crisis mode with materials. Recently, there have been supply issues with spring-up twine, soft-close drawer glides, rubber webbing, outdoor mesh, recliner mechanisms, and even sewing bobbins. These supply issues have resulted in a constant search for new materials or a different source.

labor shortage

The labor market is extremely tight. Our manufacturers are not at full employment. Skilled labor is staying put and not moving around. Many vendors have come back to work with fewer employees than before the lockdowns and with bigger backlogs from not operating for several months.


With the global shortage of shipment containers and as shipments reroute to smaller ports not built for the level of traffic, delays in shipping are expected to continue for some time. While we primarily source products MADE IN AMERICA, some components do come from overseas. The lack of containers and lack of ability to dock and unload ships has further exasperated the production of furniture. The added and wildly inflated costs associated with shipping has more that doubled most convenient parts. Prices and wait times for shipments have reached unprecedented levels.


The "material of the moment' is hardwood plywood. Many of our manufacturers purchase a lot of plywood from Russia and the Baltics. Russian Birch has always been a premium product for making upholstery frames. The supply of Russian Birch has been cut off. In addition, domestic sources for plywood are constrained by labor. The plywood mills can't get enough logs because the logging crews do not have enough labor to produce logs to support the plant. The entire upholstery and construction industries are racing to find a new source for plywood.


Foam material availability is not an issue. However, the labor to process foam into seat and back cushions is an issue. While we are not under "allocations" from our vendors, we know that there is a limit to what they can produce in a timely manner.

A Message from the Owner

"In my 40 years of business, I have never experienced challenges this pervasive. I endeavor to have the latest information on delivery times, but this is a time full of unknowns.

Asking my manufacturers when furniture will be ready to ship is to ask them when their artisans will recover from illness and when ports will be open- questions that no one has the answer to.


Expect some delay on all products that require ordering. Our displayed merchandise however, is ready for speedy delivery. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Poppleton's is committed to offering the very best service possible. We will continue to offer uncompromising quality that will be well worth the wait. 

We appreciate your support."


Mike Poppleton

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